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You, your name, its form
The way it lingers in my mouth
Like a kiss I held of ice, cold
Open, slow – hold it and keep my insides warm
Torn, this slow porn
Peel me back like the material that clings to this skin is dirt, dust
But don’t go too fast
I like you where I can taste your rough
I like you where your shadow casts
I like you just as gold and rust

You, your smile, its form
Hide the way it does, to all my dirty past
I’ve abandoned all my secrets; you are now my best kept one
Tuesday, I am no longer inebriated
Wednesday, I whisper adorations
Whisper – I am scared of ghosts, aliens, insects but mostly of you

You, A combination of all my favourite things
Do stay the night, stay many nights – I am scared of ghosts, aliens, insects but mostly of you

You; because I am scared of losing.

Chicken - @youbetterrunforcover (via youbetterrunforcover)
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